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Hi-per Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is becoming the trend not only in business or commercial establishments but also in regular houses today.  Polished concrete floors stand along from any other flooring from for many reasons.


*      Environmentally friendly  Green Flooring Solution

*      No Need New floor to be Install

*      Economical Flooring Solutions

*      Most Durable floors for affordable price range

*      Vast options , Design, finishes, to meet your requirement

*      Easy maintenance

*      Last longer Than any other floor Solutions

*      Waterproof and stained proof

*      Many possibilities of improving your house while you sit on your budget

*      Softer than tile , but longer lasting Than tile and no Grout Cleaning

*      Every floor got its own quickness and natural touch.

*      Maximizes ambient lighting

*      Elegance and high sustainability


Polished concrete flooring is becoming the trend not only in business or commercial establishments but also in regular houses today. This is because this type of flooring not only gives out an amazing effect but also has a very high durability. As Compare to regular cement floors or any other flooring choice , this kind of flooring has more advantages and requires little effort in its maintenance, while its serving with own natural touch and quickness in it.


Hi-per-floor Polished Concrete


High Performance Floor as well as well-known Hi-per-floor polished concrete got own systematic method  to  improving quality, density, durability, elegance and longevity of a new or old concrete slab. Basic Process Involving:


1.      Cleaning & Preparation of the floor and surrounding

2.      Deep cut to exposure the desire aggregate visibility and the Patten.  (30 or 16 grit)

3.      Deep cut around edging  and corners

4.      Grouting and smoothing the floor (70 grit Metal bond)

5.      Hardening the floor using densifiers

6.      Remove tool mark and smoothing the floor (140 grit)

7.      Lip coat of densifiers and start polished using vacuum brazed pads

8.      Polishing using 50 grit resin pads

9.      Lip coat of densifiers and resin polishing ( 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000)

10.  Protective coating sealer

11.  Buffing


If you plan to four a new concrete it’s worthwhile to consider of decorative concrete options. They are very fascinating. They got many colour, pattern, aggregate sizes, and even effect such as luminous. With decorative polished concrete everything is possible. Only imagination and Budget will stop you.


Common polished concrete methods are Full exposure Aggregate, Non exposure, salt and pepper exposure aggregate. Shine level can achieve according to the location and personal preference followed by Matt, Satin, Semi-gloss or high Gloss.


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