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Glue/ Epoxy Removal

Epoxy adhesive is an effective way to permanently bond and seal a multitude of items. From flooring to hobbies, the chemical concoction is used in countless ways. During construction and use, the occasional accident may occur. Removing epoxy is not as easy as pulling off a piece of tape or unsticking traditional carpenter or hobby glue, but with a bit of persistence, it can be cleaned.



        1        Scrape as much of the epoxy off as possible. Move the scraper to different angles around the affected spot and scrape from the edges toward the middle.

        2        Warm the affected area using a safe heat source, but do not get the area too hot. The warming process will begin to liquefy the epoxy and allow more of the substance to be scraped off.

        3        Apply a liquid solvent to dissolve the remaining epoxy. Lacquer or paint thinner, alcohol or acetone will all work. Allow the solvent to soak in for at least 10 minutes before using the scraper to remove the spot. Rinse the area carefully after removal. Follow all the precautions on the solvent packaging carefully. Do not use the solvent on a hot area.

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