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Bricks add a nice touch to a home in whatever form they may take, whether they are in a fireplace or otherwise. They are generally easy to maintain, but sometimes they still need to be cleaned. This can be due to soot from the fireplace, water splashes if they are outside in a protected area, or other forms of residue, such as dust. There are also certain products you should avoid using, especially on the bricks in a fireplace. Try a homemade brick cleaning solution instead.

  1. Bleach

    • Depending on the type of dirt you are working with, you can try using some chlorine bleach for the tough type of stain and various other types of dirt. Mix the bleach with an equal proportion of water in a bucket first. Pour it into a spray bottle. You will need to wear gloves when you are cleaning the bricks because this solution can burn your skin. After spraying the bricks with the chlorine solution, let it mix with the stain but do not let it dry. To see if the solution has worked, rinse a small section. If you do need a stronger solution, try using undiluted bleach.

    Soap and Salt

    • This could be one of the most basic, not the mention the cheapest, homemade brick cleaning recipes that you will find that works on soot, dust and other types of dirt. There are three main ingredients and every home will have them. You need 1 oz. soap, 1 oz. table salt and water. Add just a little water at first because you will need the mixture to turn into a creamy substance. Once this occurs, take the mixture and rub it onto the bricks and leave it them for 10 minutes. Remove the residue with a thick brush. You can use a cloth to take off any leftover residue.

    Maximum Strength Solution

    • If it is not a stain that you are dealing with but really tough dirt and you do not want to use chlorine, then there is another solution. This one creates a bit more of an odor so you may wish to open a window to air your room a little bit. You will need a little bit or soap or detergent with hot water. Slowly mix in some ammonia and pumice. Using a brush, cover the surface of the bricks. Use a wet scrub brush to clean the area thoroughly. This uses the cleaning effect plus an abrasive material to encourage the tough grime to lift.

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